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Maybe it`s not as bad as you think and we can help you fix it yourself. Register your device below and immediately see the free tips from our technicians.

We travel everywhere in the BeNeLux to collect defective devices, where you choose a time slot that suits you best.

We check whether the defect falls within your warranty conditions.

Because we know how annoying it is to be without your smartphone.

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About Dr. Mobile

At Dr. Mobile we care as much for your smartphone as you do. We all know what troubles it brings when your device suddenly stops working. We are always connected, and our smartphone has a big part in making that possible. Using WhatsApp, sending e-mails and taking care of finances can become a lot more difficult when you lose access to your mobile phone. Luckily our team is ready to help you reconnect!

We have 350 certified and trained technicians who have all the necessary knowledge to reinstate broken phones back to new. Every month over 40.000 repaired phones leave our repair center as if they were never broken in the first place. Our partnerships with official brands such as Samsung, Apple, and many more enable us to train our technicians specifically on repairing phones made by these brands. Besides that, we can guarantee only to use official parts provided to us by our partners. Because we know how difficult life can be without a working phone, we can pick up the broken device at your location and return it once the repair is done. Quality and reliability are what distinguishes us from other companies. It is our priority to get you reconnected as quickly as possible.

Three handy tips to keep your smartphone healthy

J. Wolbers

A little effort to leave a review! I sent in my phone AND told them that it had dropped once before, but I did not know if that caused the defect. It turned out my battery was swollen, and the repair could be done under warranty. No costs! Fair service and it is just like I have a brand-new phone! Amazing! Thank you!

H. Smeets

My phone was not working anymore (S10). They collected and fixed it in 2,5 days. They even gave me a transparent cover. No complaints, excellent service.

E. Stofberg

They helped me perfectly, despite it being New Year’s Eve. There were only 4 days between picking up and returning my phone, very good service.

H. Janssen

Very fast and excellent transportation service, motherboard was replaced and they explained to me how it broke down…great!

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