Privacy and Cookie Statement

This is Privacy and Cookie Statement of Dr. Mobile, based in Nuth. Dr. Mobile respects the privacy of everyone using its sites, and ensures that all personal information you provide us with is treated confidentially and with the utmost care. By disclosing your personal details on the website, you agree to Dr. Mobile using your details in accordance with this Privacy and Cookie Statement.

Personal details
We only use details that have explicitly and voluntarily provided by persons visiting our website. You may, for instance, disclose your personal details in order to request information or service, to receive newsletters, to submit a repair, etc. Dr. Mobile records your details for carrying out your order. Your details may be used by Dr. Mobile in order to let you know about its relevant products and services. If you object to this or wish to correct or request your details, please get in touch with us. Dr. Mobile does not disclose your details to third parties without your explicit prior approval, unless we are obliged to do so based on the law or a court judgment. On the website you will find links to third-party websites. Although these websites have been chosen with care, Dr. Mobile accepts no responsibility for how these third parties handle your personal details. In this respect, please read the privacy statement of the website you visit. If you would like to know more about the personal details we process concerning you, please get in touch.
Amending this Privacy and Cookie Statement
Dr. Mobile reserves the right to alter this Privacy and Cookie Statement. We therefore advise you to consult this page regularly so that you are always aware of the latest applicable version. This Privacy and Cookie Statement was last changed in January 2014.
Our Dr. Mobile websites use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on a PC and that are read by a browser. These cookies are used for the following purposes:
  • remembering, for instance, log-in names and passwords so that the website is used efficiently;
  • analysing the use of our websites to thus be able to improve our websites;
  • gathering data relating to your visiting behaviour to enable research into ways to further optimise and communicate on our products and services.
  • gauging your interests based on your visits to other websites.
We only use the data we collect in accordance with the law in order to enhance our services, and in a fair and careful manner. You can deactivate the cookies retaining your preferences through your browser settings. You can set your browser in such a way that you no longer receive cookies. In that case, Dr. Mobile guarantees that all of the website's services and functionalities are working correctly. You will furthermore still receive advertisements, although these are not adjusted to your preferences. We also bring to your attention that is you use another computer, you must also adjust your browser settings there.

We value your privacy

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